Michelle and Chris were introduced to Veloforte by one of their Ironman triathletes in Chippenham. They quickly realised that these energy packed bars were going to be fantastic fuel for not only long distance cycling, but also ultra-marathons.

Maxwell Coaching and Long day Out have been working with the founders of Veloforte for 12 months now and the bars have been flying off the shelves in Chippenham and online. Our personal favourite is Ciocco, however the new Avanti and Zenzero flavours are quickly becoming winners. Michelle finds the bars really work for her when running on mountainous trails with lots of climbing; the same applies for the bike too, big climbs need calories and these bars provide 300 each in a small volume.

Veloforte is handmade to provide the optimal balance of 100% natural, performance enhancing carbs and essential proteins & fibre. There are now 7 fabulous flavours to choose from: Ciocco, Classico, Di Bosco, Avanti, Zenzero, Forza and Pronto.

Veloforte's bars and bites are made from 100% natural ingredients and they taste great! Veloforte's Classico and Di Bosco bars and bites have won the prestigious Great Taste Awards.