Tailwind Nutrition UK



There are seven different Endurance Fuel flavours to choose from:

  • Mandarin Orange
  • Lemon
  • Berry
  • Naked unflavoured
  • Green Tea Buzz (Caffeinated)
  • Raspberry Buzz (Caffeinated)
  • Tropical Buzz (Caffeinated)

Michelle first came across Tailwind during one of her many ultra-marathon events. The fuel has revolutionised her racing, enabling her to race properly to the finish line and stay in contention, rather than suffer the very common stomach issues and running on empty feelings that she, along with many ultra-runners and long course triathlon athletes, face. Chris has used Tailwind during has many Ironman races of recent years, he finds the carbohydrate and electrolyte blend works very well in very warm and cooler conditions.

Maxwell Coaching in Chippenham, have a long-standing relationship with Tailwind UK. Michelle and Chris regularly catch up with Mike Julien the founder of the UK franchise to discuss athlete successes and where Tailwind will go next. The Endurance Fuel is gluten, soy and dairy free.

Available as Endurance Fuel stick packs for portable fuel in events or larger 30 and 50 serving bags, you simply add the crystals into a water bottle (you can vary the strength dependent on need) and off you go! Tailwind also now offer a protein recovery drink called Rebuild, available in stick packs or larger serving bags will be available to purchase soon (completely Vegan and gluten free).

The starter pack is a great way to try all the Tailwind flavours. If you would like a different mix or would like to exclude the caffeinated ones, for example, just send us an email and we can customise the mix for you.