Veloforte Energy Chews




Rapid-release energy chews, designed to totally re-charge your fuelling game.

  • 100% natural, powerful & delicious
  • 6 soft, melt in your mouth chews per pack
  • Real fruit & natural electrolytes
  • Ginger, Menthol & Caffeine packs
  • Handmade in the UK with nature’s finest ingredients
  • Gluten Free, Vegan
  • No sulphites, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings – free from any nasties!

Bite-sized brilliance, our break-through range of deliciously soft natural Energy Chews are handmade with real fruit, natural electrolytes and packed full of rapid-release energy for when you really need it. 3 different flavours including Citrus, Cherry and Mint. Try the range and find your favourite! 

Citro – Citrus & Ginger
Soft, fruity and invigorating with real fruit, zingy ginger and the finest electrolytes, packed with fast-release energy. These chews add a revitalising spring to your stride and palate too.
Ingredients: Beet sugar, corn starch, water, orange & lemon fruit juice concentrate, coconut water powder, dried ginger, pink Himalayan salt

Fresco – Lemon & Cool Mint
Soft, fruity & menthol. These chews are refreshingly light with natural electrolytes, packed with natural fast-release energy – cleanse your palate and open your air-ways… cool, refreshing and delicious. Ingredients: Beet sugar, corn starch, water, lemon juice concentrate, coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt, natural mint extract.

Amaro – Sour Cherry & Guarana
Made with mouth-watering sour cherry, the Amaro is packed with natural caffeine, electrolytes and fast-release energy too. The added 75mg of natural caffeine (from Guarana) is the equivalent to a large espresso, yet the natural caffeine is absorbed slowly by the body, creating a state of calm alertness with none of the coffee-jitters – helping to boost awareness and fight fatigue, naturally. Ingredients: Beet sugar, corn starch, sour cherry concentrate (9%), water, guarana powder* (4%), lemon juice concentrate, coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt